West Coast Laser Tattoo Removal specializes in permanent removal of unwanted tattoos from all areas of the body. Located in charming South Granville, our tattoo removal specialists have over ten years of aesthetic laser experience.  Trust our Vancouver grown team to provide an effortless tattoo removal package that fits both your schedule, and your pocketbook. Backed by a full satisfaction guarantee. Learn More…
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For those living in Vancouver and ready to remove their unwanted tattoos, West Coast Tattoo Removal offers a comfortable environment with knowledgable and experienced staff. Rest assured that your free consultation will provide you with all the information needed to start your laser tattoo removal treatments – including an estimate for the amount of treatments required as well as a personalized quote. Learn More…

The medlite C6 is the best tattoo removal laser year by year at the Aesthetic Buyers Guide – I think one of the best for the tattoos. The basic knowledge: the Medlite is a Q-switched laser to destroy the pigments in the dermis by thermo-acoustic affect – not photothermolysis.
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The C6 Delivers very high energies using a highly uniform large spot, making tattoo removal extremely fast and effective. I have been very impressed with the results and more importantly , so are my patients. There is no room for compromise in an aesthetic laser practice.
Eric Bernstein, MD , Clinical Associate Professor
The Staff At West Coast Laser are Absolutely Amazing. Service is Great and Was Always Greeted With A Warm Smile!
Bob Magnat