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People have adorned their bodies with tattoos for centuries. However, during the last decade, adding inked skin art has become more popular, and as a result, the need for tattoo removal is growing.

In the past, professionals removed tattoos with simple surgery methods. Unfortunately, the process caused severe scaring. Tattoo removal techniques have improved over the years, and today, laser therapy is frequently a successful removal method depending on the person’s skin and the type of tattoo that they have.

The Process of Tattoo Removal

During a laser treatment, the technician will direct the laser’s energy toward the tattoo. The laser features highly concentrated beams of light, which break apart the ink. In fact, the laser causes the ink to become small fragments that the body’s cells remove. To eliminate a tattoo, several treatments are required depending on the tattoo’s ink and the depth that the artist placed the skin art design. Once the technician directs the laser beam on the tattoo, the laser will target the tattoo’s color and will not harm the surrounding skin. However, the laser generates heat that may cause pain and the formation of blisters on the tattoo area. Keep in mind that scarring may occur despite today’s modern technology.

Treatment Details

Once a tattooed individual arrives to have his or her body art removed, the laser technician will place protective shields over the person’s eyes. In addition, he or she will test the tattooed person’s skin to confirm the amount of laser energy required. The technician will then activate a probe against the body art. The process includes several rapid laser pulses. In fact, a treatment may consist of 10 to 30 pulses during each session.

Once the tattoo removal specialist has completed a treatment, he or she will place ice over the area to decrease swelling. A topical antibiotic ointment is also applied to the tattoo as well as a sterile dressing to prevent infection. 

When individuals have a complex tattoo, they should plan to have from six to 10 treatments. Contact Us Today!